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Centro Zen Miami was born from the need to transform something in your life and adopt a Zen lifestyle, without having to renounce your beliefs or having to belong to the Buddhist religion. Our Center does not intend to change anything in you, but to provide the tools so that the change, you do it in yourself.

Services at Centro Zen Miami


It may sound easy, but most people forget to remember to breathe with purpose. Your breath is your anchor.


Our treatment goes along with nutritions guides and coaching from your therapist, helping you reach your ideal weight in a healthy way.

Emotional Support

We offer emotional support groups and emotional coaching to help with your inner balance and emotional well-being.

Are you able to make the «commitment to yourself»?

This commitment to oneself is one of the most difficult commitments to assume. For this, it is necessary to become aware of our way of living. This commitment is simple but it is not easy, since many times we do not deceive ourselves, without realizing the consequences that this has in the long term. For this reason, commitment to oneself implies discipline to maintain conscious practice over time. The changes that one achieves through the program are absolutely proportional to daily practice. This commitment needs to be renewed moment by moment to be able to continue day after day consciously walking the path that implies self-knowledge and awareness.

What We Can Help With



Breathing techniques can reduce anxiety.



Remember we are here to support you.



Surround yourself with love.



You are special because you are YOU.

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